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Emergency Financial Assistance Request 

Shaw University is committed to doing all we can to support our students. With assistance from our dedicated alumni and friends, we have established an Emergency Student Assistance Fund to support students facing unexpected expenses directly related to the changes made by the University due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Examples include:

  • Travel expenses related to returning home
  • Housing and food
  • Unforeseen storage or shipping
  • Access to technology for online classes
  • Other undetermined financial circumstances
Note: The request for emergency student assistance does not guarantee funds to any requestor. 

Apply for Emergency Financial Assistance

FAQs Applying for Emergency Financial Assistance

Question Answer
1. Do I need to be a current Shaw University student to apply for emergency financial assistance. Yes. Emergency financial assistance is only available for current Shaw University students.
2. What documentation do I need to submit a request?

Submit any receipts, invoice, or travel documents (airline, bus or train tickets). Receipts must be dated after March 21, 2020 (end of Spring Break).

  3. How will the requests be processed? Requests will be processed based resources available through the Emergency Student Assistance Form, in-kind donations, and through the below basic criteria:
  1. Need: This includes technology for online learning, food and travel
  2. Displacement: This includes temporary housing accommodation
  4. Is there an income criteria for consideration? No.
5. What is the average award amount?

The average award is $500.

6. Do I have to provide documentation on how the money was spent? Yes.
7. Can the award be deposited directly into my account or mailed to me as a check?  In some cases, it may be a gift card, in other cases, it will be the University directly purchasing the required service.
8. Can my parents/guardians submit a request for emergency financial assistance on my behalf if I do not have the documentation necessary to complete the request? Parents will NOT be able to submit a request for emergency financial assistance. However, documentation can be submitted by a parent to verify/justify the request.
9. Can my parents/guardians request financial assistance for themselves to help to provide Internet or a computer for me? No, applications for emergency financial assistance must be completed by the student.